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Krazy Lemon Classic

Available since 2006, this classic homestyle is just right: not too sweet… not too sour !

It’s perfect on its own but it’s also a great mixer, leaving it to your imagination.

Available in

  • 200 ml Bottle / 10 pack
  • 500ml Bottle / 8 pack
  • 2L Bottle / 6 pack

Krazy Lemon Strawberry

Available since 2019. This amazing lemonade, with a hint of natural strawberry flavour, drinks really smoothly. It slightly cuts the edge of the lemon to make it so easy to enjoy.

Also great on its own and with your favourite foods. Awesome mixer, great for daiquiris. Enjoy responsibly then.

Available in

  • 500ml Bottle / 8 pack

Krazy Lemon Ginger

Available since 2019, same classic recipe with a hint of natural Ginger Extract, awesome for your taste buds.

Once tasted, you will recognise our classic homestyle lemonade until the ginger lightly kicks in, just enough for you to enjoy the great combination between lemon and ginger. An absolute winner!

Available in

  • 500ml Bottle / 8 pack

Krazy Lemon Unsweetened

If you can bite a lemon, then it could be your drink. It’s just a well balanced mix of QLD lemon juice and water with a dash of Vitamin C.

If it happens to be a little too sharp, you can still enjoy it with some plain or sparkling water.

So refreshing, in fact nothing comes close. Enjoy

Available in

  • 350 ml Bottle / 10 pack