Our krazy story

Our krazy story

KRAZY LEMON Pty Ltd is a QLD family owned and operated business based in Brisbane.

Our mission is to provide a fun, refreshing and healthy drink  bringing to everyone all the goodness of the QLD sunshine.

Our Krazy Lemon story started in Brisbane, in 2006 when we introduced our homemade lemonade at different farmers and/or craft markets.

In 2007 the success has been such that we decided to brand our product and we created the KRAZY LEMON concept. The idea of "KRAZY" came from our customer's enthusiasm. "You know it's crazy, I come to this market every week just for your lemonade !" or "your lemonade is exactly the same than the one my Mum used to make, it's crazy !" or "WOW ... your lemonade is crazy good !".

In 2008 with increasing demand and further market and wholesale opportunities becoming available, we jumped to the next step: producing our Krazy Lemon lemonade in a fully Certified and Accredited HACCP bottling plant ... by pallets.

That was a KRAZY STEP !

Then from 2009  up to Now, we introduced our new products the Krazy Hot Lemon drink and the Krazy Frozen Kwishh at different markets and events.

But the Kraziest part is that our main products the 200 ml, 500 ml and 2L  Krazy Lemon lemonades are now available in School tuckshops (QLD and NSW), cafes, restaurants and fruits & vege shops.

KRAZY LEMON is now available all around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Toowomba and NSW.

If you can't find it, just call us ! 04 14 372 084.

If you want to stock KRAZY LEMON please contact NEIL 04 09 737 800

If you want to be part of our market team please call JOHN-CHARLES 04 06 984 536

David, Sylvie and the Krazy's Team.